BeLive SDK

Few lines of code. Great differences.

BeLive SDK is an end-to-end live streaming solution with ready-made UI and content management system which can be integrated into your existing iOS and Android apps with few lines of code.

We provide top-notch customisable and flexible API as well as streaming server which is based on Wowza Streaming Engine with deployment option on bare metal or on public cloud provider's infrastructure in a virtual machine or in a docker container.

End-to-End Live Streaming Architecture

Quickly and easily integrate BeLive SDK into your platform with intuitive mobile and web interfaces, unmatched quality, and round the clock support. Our infrastructure architecture lets you deliver reliable live streams at scale, across multiple devices and platforms.

Key Components

SDK Package contains the core components of API, CMS, chat server docker container, database tables and configuration as well as Wowza docker container; all for easy/one-click setup and deployment.

Complete UI

Ready-to-use live streaming, live shopping and CMS UI for any mobile device screen size. Let us know if you need any customisation done.


Sample of SDK Code

Android (Kotlin)

1. Create a new Kotlin fileBeLiveSdkNavigator.kt

2. Copy (Ctrl+C , or ⌘+C on Mac) following code and paste ( Ctrl+V , or ⌘+V on Mac) in file created in step 1

interface BeliveSdkNavigator {
    fun goLive(context: Context)
    fun joinRoom(context: Context)

    companion object{
        fun instance(): BeliveSdkNavigator {
            return BeliveSdkNavigatorIpml()

class BeliveSdkNavigatorIpml internal constructor(): BeliveSdkNavigator{
    override fun goLive(context: Context) {

    override fun joinRoom(context: Context) {

3. In MainActivity, call goLive(context)for host activity or joinRoom(context) for viewer activity

class MainActivity : AppCompatActivity() {
    override fun onCreate(savedInstanceState: Bundle?) {

        btnGoLive.setOnClickListener {
        // Start a live stream
        // the SDK flow
        // 1. Open prelive screen and input stream info (title)
        // 2. Press 'CREATE' to start streaming
        // 3. When done, a ended stream screen is shown and
        // user decides to save or discard the record

        btnJoinRoom.setOnClickListener {
            // Join a live stream
            // the SDK flow
            // 1. Open & play streaming with stream slug

iOS (Swift)

‌SDK provides join live or go live navigation controller out of the box. See the code below for navigating user to host or viewer controller.

class MainViewController: BaseViewController {

    let goLiveAndJoinRoom = GoLiveAndJoinViewController()
        fileprivate var shoul_rotate: Bool = false
        var isStatusBarHidden: Bool = false {
                UIView.animate(withDuration: 0.5) { () -> Void in
        override func viewDidLoad() {

            self.navigationController?.setNavigationBarHidden(true, animated: true)
            isStatusBarHidden = true
            addChildToContainer(parent: self.view, child: goLiveAndJoinRoom.view)
            goLiveAndJoinRoom.didMove(toParent: self)